Our Clergy

Our Rector:  The Reverend Christopher E. Brathwaite, Priest

Father Christopher Brathwaite is a native of Barbados in the West Indies and a citizen of the United States of America. In 1967, Fr. Christ migrated from Barbados to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Soon after his arrival he started an insurance agency and, for 35 years, was Managing Director and President of the Corporation. The business spanned the three main Virgin Islands, providing insurance products through the agency system to the territory and some surrounding islands.

Fr. Chris is a life-long Episcopalian. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Theology from Trinity College of Bible and Seminary; a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix; and a Master of Theological Studies Degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. 

While in the US Virgin islands, Fr. Chris served in the Episcopal Diocese in lay leadership positions including advisor to the Bishop for Cultural and Community Involvement.  He also served on the Board of Directors of First Virgin Islands Federal Savings Bank and as President of United Way of America, President of the St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce, President of the Rotary Club of St. Thomas II, Advisor to the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands, Board member on  the Coastal Zone Management Commission, Advisor to the Future Business Leaders of America, and Commissioner to the Boy Scouts of America.

In 2010, Fr. Chris came with his wife, Genevieve, to be the new Priest in Charge to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Haines City. He arrived with a few things in mind that continue to shape his leaderhsip approach today: to love the people, to listen to the people, to encourage the people, and to proclaim the word of the Lord. Fr. Chris and Genevieve have two grown sons, both living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fr. Chris serves on the Anti-Racism Commission of the Diocese of Central Florida, The Episcopal Caring Fund, The Minority Commission, and the Constitution and Canons Commission.



Our Deacon:  The Rev. Dorothy Hunter-Spencer