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December 23, 2014, 12:54 PM

Message from Fr. Chris

My page is to express various issues that are on my mind which are relevant to the furtherance of God's kingdom. As a matter of fact, more often than not, my writing ends with "yours for the building up of God's kingdom" I firmly believe that when things are done that are beneficial to humankind, we clearly see the hand of God guiding and shaping those things, they are pieces which help in the building up of God's kingdom. Last week, the news about the small step toward the United States normalizing relations with Cuba was a tad more than refreshing; there was effervescence about the news. This was not political, but a prophetic revelation of God for His people who are enslaved by the tyranny of absolute power and control. In 2013 several members from St. Mark's Episcopal Church visited Cuba on a short-term mission trip. Our host was the Bishop, the Right Reverend Griselda Delgado Del Carpio, and the Episcopal Church in Cuba. Our focus was on learning about the people more than doing the normal hands on 'let me help you" work. Most of us had firsthand interactions with the natives who exemplify pride in their country, but also had visions of a better life. The Bishop and her staff expressed the limitations which challenge their vision for a more significant response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But those areas of concern did not cloud the fact that they too have a deep love and pride for Cuba, and if relations with the United States were different, their work would have a broader and deeper reach for the building up of the kingdom in Cuba. I remember quite vividly a conversation with the young lady who took care of our hotel room, she said, "one day I come to America.“ From all indications, it seems as though that wish may be within her reach in the not too distant future. I do believe that all of those who went on the short term mission trip to Cuba and spoke with the people felt their sense of country and their desire for a different opportunity in life. We will continue to pray that what we read about and saw on television will soon move from an idea of two wise men, to a new way forward for the people of Cuba. I remain yours, for the building up of God's kingdom.

Fr. Chris

12 28 2014

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