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September 15, 2015, 3:57 PM

From the Rector

I wonder if the congregation understands the awesome responsibility that is placed on the vestry as these men and women answer the call to work with the Rector to lead this congregation. The weariness of responding to every aspect of the needs for what is necessary for the proper functioning of the facility alone can be very tiresome, if not exasperating. Earlier this year the vestry dealt with issues of dying grass, servicing air-conditioning units, leaky pipes, unlit areas, reduced handicapped parking spaces, and various incidentals that the person in the pew could care less about.

What seem to plague the leadership most is the lack of adequate funds to carry out the work of the church. This awesome burden should not be placed solely on the Vestry. These men and women are only asked to assist and enable the Rector to lead the church, but the church is all of us who worship and claim this place as meaningful and a house of prayer for all people. The responsibility for the financial viability of the church rests on the shoulders of all participants, not just the Vestry. Struggling with decisions about keeping the cleaning staff or paying to maintain the proper standards we have come to enjoy health wise, should not be items to vacillate about; because cleanliness is next to godliness.   

The cleaning of the facility should not be left to an ad-hoc group who may be excited about this idea for a few weeks and then decide that cleaning is not for them. Or, to someone who is too busy to respond to the job; or to a volunteer who will choose what he/she wants to do and when they want to do it. The cleaning and care of the facility should be a person who is committed to cleanliness. One who can be trusted and can work together for the good and the cleanliness of the people of God: but one who has the care of the facility foremost in their mind. We already have that person.

These are areas of concern that those of us who enjoy the newness and the freshness of this clean sanctuary need to know what the Vestry struggles with, and that even when we are on vacation it is very important for our tithe and offering to continue.  Lots of the weariness associated with being a Vestry member can be mitigated if we, the people of God, would be truly obedient to what God asks of us, but until we all get there, let us who believe in the power of prayer continue to do just that; let us continue to pray.

I am yours, for the building up of God’s kingdom.

Fr. Chris 2015-08-09

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