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January 16, 2015, 9:08 PM

Father Chris' Corner

Cartoon creators and greeting card makers are getting cleverer with the images and words they use to bring joy and comfort to many people. They think of the psychological state of a person's mind and make sure what they are presenting to the public is a product that meets a specific mental or emotional
situation. The cognitive thinking of a sudden response to a change needs to be placated with humor, wit, and the sensitivity of the need for normal.

Once we had a flood at the house, water was gushing from everywhere. Rugs and carpets were soaked and the neighbor came over with a single 6x6 wall tile that read, "This too shall pass,  now would be a good time" that bit of wit did not stop the leak, but the timing of it showing up started the trek back to normal.

Now that we are dealing with another one of life's challenges, a couple sent us a card, it reads, "Maybe we can't stop the downpour, but we can join you for a walk in the rain." More often than not, Jesus is in the downpour, but it is the daily walks through the rain that he left for you and me. As Christians, when we are battered by the challenges of life, we find help and encouragement in the things people do. We must note that as Jesus sent his disciples out, he reminded them that he will be with them to the end of the age. The practice of us offering comfort and encouragement to one another when normal is not normal, is what Jesus asks of each one of us.

May we continue to help by reminding each other that the contours of life are not meant for a lonely journey but that we come alongside each other on the journey, because He walks with us, and talks with us, and He reminds us we are his own.

All for the building up of God's kingdom!

Fr. Chris


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